A Medicaid expansion plan under way in the Senate is a “gateway drug to socialism in the Granite State” and will create a “whole new class of Obamacare victim.” These are some of the most fiery statements by right-leaning groups – the Republican Liberty Caucus, Americans for Prosperity.
- Concord Monitor 2/22/2014

Late last week, the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire put out its hit list of 11 Senate Republicans it wants to face a primary opponent because of their support for Medicaid expansion.

New Executive Director Aaron Day has likened the vote to supporting an income tax.
- Nashua Telegraph 11/17/2013

On a web site devoted to opposing medicaid expansion, the conservative group follows up on that threat by asking supporters to recommend primary opponents for 11 of the 13 Republican state senators. Only Sens. Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) and Sam Cataldo (R-Farmington) escape the wrath of the RLC.

Day kept the pressure on today writing, “If your Senator votes for Medicaid, tell them to #sand.”
- Miscellany Blue 11/14/2013

Recent press coverage on the fight to block Medicaid expansion:

Aaron Day, the new chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, warned them any vote for this priority campaign of Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan could buy them a primary opponent next year.

“Anybody that votes for this federal expansion of Medicaid can expect a very serious set of challenges in terms of candidates and in terms of financial resources,” Day told reporters at a news conference Wednesday.
-Nashua Telegraph 10/31/2013

“Thirteen people will make the decision. This is a core Republican issue,” said Aaron Day, chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of NH. “Anybody who votes for federal expansion of Medicaid can expect a very serious challenge.”
- Union Leader 10/31/2013